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Wine Tourism in Valladolid offers a myriad of experiences centered around the wines of the province, which is home to the widest variety of vineyards and quality wine brands in Spain. It boasts eight wine designations - five Designations of Origin (Rueda, Ribera del Duero, Cigales, Toro, and León) and three Designations of Wine of Origin (Abadía de Retuerta, Heredad de Urueña, and Vizar) - as well as a Protected Geographical Indication (Wines of the Land of Castilla y León). The reds, whites, and rosés of this land make the wineries in Valladolid and the specialized establishments in the city and province a paradise for wine lovers.

The diversity of landscapes and winemaking techniques, the meeting of rural surroundings and urban offerings, the wealth of heritage and culture, and the numerous events surrounding the world of wine make enotourism in Valladolid a unique experience.

Enjoy a high-quality enotourism experience that allows you to combine visits to wineries with activities in a privileged natural environment, from walks or horse rides among vineyards to haute cuisine tastings or hot air balloon flights. Let time stand still in villages with centuries-old winemaking traditions, in a land of castles, palaces, temples, and sites linked to influential figures and events in the history of Spain and the world.

We offer you a guide to unique spaces and wineries in Valladolid, all of which are open for visits, to help you organize a wine tourism getaway.

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The city becomes the capital of enotourism with each edition of Valladolid, Plaza Mayor del Vino, which took place from May 5th to 7th in 2023. The event brings wineries, designations of origin, and wine routes from the province to the heart of the capital city on the banks of the Pisuerga River, allowing residents and visitors to taste their wines and discover the enotourism offerings.

Attendees can purchase a tasting pack - a glass with a holder and five tokens redeemable for wines - for a price of ten euros.

Valladolid, Plaza Mayor del Vino, in collaboration with the Wine Routes, organizes popular tastings and excursions to the Wine Routes to explore the wineries and vineyards of each area.

In this fifth edition, Valladolid, Plaza Mayor del Vino, featured the participation of 28 wineries: 10 from the Cigales Designation of Origin (Sinforiano, Mucy, Cooperativa Cigales, Eme, Lagar del Duque, Traslanzas, Hijos de Félix Salas, Frutos Villar, Alfredo Santamaría, and Hijos de Rufino Iglesias), 10 from Rueda (Lagar de Moha, Nidia Bodegas y Viñedos, Eresma La Soterraña, Rodríguez y Sanzo, Diez Siglos, Vino Imparable, JF Arriezu, Las Secanas, Diez Siglos, Desacato, and Cerrosol), 6 from Ribera del Duero (Grupo Palacio de Villachica, Dominio del Cuco, Barco las Culebras, Sarmentero, Vinos Valbuena, and Vinos Themera), one from Toro (Rejadorada), and one from León (Melgarajo), in addition to 4 wineries from the Castilla y León Protected Geographical Indication (Viña Desgracia, Vinos de Crianza de Pozaldes, Lar de Maía, and Bodegas Honorato Calleja).

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