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Lugares - parques, jardines y plazas - Portugalete y Universidad

Portugalete and University squares

Portugalete Square - This is where the old iron Portugalete Market was located. Today, after numerous modifications, this is an open area in the historic centre of Valladolid. It lies between the Cathedral and the Antigua Church. It has gardens and benches and eight streets converge on it. Various street shows take place here during festivals and other events in the city.

University Square - In around 1250 its name was “cuesta de las peñas” (hill of the crags) because it was full of rocky outcrops. In about 1480 the square was repaired, a column was erected and a new name given; “la Plaza del Rollo” (the Square of the Roll) although it was known as the Square of Saint Mary until the beginning of the 20th century. It was given its present name as the University was built there. Five streets converge on the square. It is rectangular in shape and adjoins the Cathedral. It is a pleasant place and has gardens and trees under which one can sit and contemplate the business of the city as well as some of its most important buildings. From here you can see the Cathedral and the Antigua Church (Nuestra Señora de la Antigua).

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