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Lugares - parques, jardines y plazas - Campo Grande

The Campo Grande Park

Right in the city centre lies its most emblematic park in terms of both history and its beauty as a garden. Three of the city’s most important avenues border the Campo Grande Park: Acera de Recoletos, Paseo de los Filipinos and Paseo de Zorrilla. The park is surrounded by a fence and has entrance ways on all its sides. Its origin dates back to 1787 when it was first named the Field of Truth, then the Field of Mars and later the Field of the Fair, as herds of animals were kept here next to the entrance to the city. The park occupies a surface area of 115,000 m2 and combines in a unique way its plant life with artistic, aquatic, children’s playground and environmentally friendly features.

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Información turística


C/ Acera de Recoletos s/n (Oficina de turismo central)

Teléfono: 983 21 93 10

Plaza de Fuente Dorada s/n (Punto de información)

Teléfono: 983 33 08 93


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