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Lugares - parques, jardines y plazas - Cantarranas

Cantarranillas Square

In the past, the Esgueva River flowed through this area, before being channelled. Logically, toads and frogs sang throughout the river course. It has been known by this name since at least 1676, although sometimes it is also called "the Virgencilla". The locals usually call it "Cantarranas". The square is paved, full of streetlamps, and it is located between the Maple Tree Square and Portugalete Square. It is a place full of calm and legend; during the festive seasons it hosts funfairs for children.

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Información turística


C/ Acera de Recoletos s/n (Oficina de turismo central)

Teléfono: 983 21 93 10

Plaza de Fuente Dorada s/n (Punto de información)

Teléfono: 983 33 08 93


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