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Lugares - parques, jardines y plazas - Plaza de España

Spain Square

At one time, when it was little more than a small piece of flat land, this was called El Campillo (little field). Later on it was renamed the little field of Saint Andrew. A market was held here, first of all with wooden stall and later a building of wrought iron similar to the present day “del Val” market which is behind the city hall. This iron building was demolished and in the 1930s the square was given its present name. Ten streets converge on this square and it is one of the most important in the city. There are some outstanding buildings in the square including the Bank of Spain and the Church of Peace with its striking modern façade. The square is enhanced by two fountains, one containing abstract forms and which is dedicated to voluntary social work. It is the work of Eduardo Cuadrado and was completed in 1996. In the centre of the square there is another fountain, the Globe, which was also carried out in 1996, this time by Ana Jiménez. The place is protected by a huge canopy which is home to a fruit, vegetable and flower market on week days and a market dedicated to painting on the second Sunday of every month. There are wooden park benches for strollers to relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

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C/ Acera de Recoletos s/n (Oficina de turismo central)

Teléfono: 983 21 93 10

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