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Lugares- centros de idiomas - EL Camino del español

The way of Spanish

'El camino del español' is a Language and Culture Centre accredited by the Instituto Cervantes, whose main objective is to offer students quality Spanish lessons since 1986. La Casa del Español understands, however, that this language education must be coupled with the cultural contact with Valladolid, the city where the Centre is located. For this reason, we offer access to all that which makes Valladolid unique: first of all, its people, open and hospitable; its important historical and literary heritage; its gastronomy and wines and its dynamic cultural life. Therefore, La Casa del Español is committed to offer both language and cultural experiences, with a kind and personalised attention. Access to Spanish as a Foreign Language classes is very flexible, since we have four centres in the city of Valladolid: two located in the city centre, close to the University, and two located in important population centres and close to enterprises.

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