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Valladolid Card

Valladolid Card


To enjoy the main attractions of Valladolid at an affordable price is possible with the Valladolid Card. Learn about its conditions and benefits. Book your Valladolid Card.

The Valladolid Card is a personal and non transferable card which is only valid for the holder and for only one day. Both data, name of the holder and validity date, are printed on the card. The holder must show proof of identity by means of official ID (ID card, NIE, driving licence or passport) when using the card with collaborating entities.

The Valladolid Card is a tourist card which bestows upon its holders the following benefits:

Free access to the tourist bus all day long and as many times as you want.

Free access to:

  • National Sculpture Museum
  • Science museum
  • Museum of Valladolid (Palace of Fabio Nelli)
  • Oriental museum
  • Cathedral Museum
  • Columbus house-museum
  • House of Cervantes museum
  • San Joaquín and Santa Ana museum

 *  The conditions should be consulted in advance. The guide and audioguide services is not always included.
Make sure these museums are not closed on the desired date. Check the schedules for summer and winter seasons, days of the week and holidays.

It can be acquired at the Tourist Resource Centre (Tourist Office), at c/ Acera de Recoletos s/n for EUR 10 (adults) and EUR 8 (people under 14 or over 65).

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