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Gastronomy is one of the hallmarks of Valladolid. The city celebrates good food, tapas, and quality wine with gastronomic events throughout the year, showcasing high cuisine in bite-sized portions and its deep-rooted wine culture.

Valladolid becomes the international capital of tapas every November as the host of the National Pinchos and Tapas Competition and the World Tapas Championship. A jury, led by Michelin-starred chefs, decides over three intense days which tapas are the best in Spain and the world.

We will show you where you can try the award-winning pinchos from these competitions.


The National Pinchos and Tapas Competition Ciudad de Valladolid, which will celebrate its 19th edition in 2023, is the only competition in Spain that represents all autonomous communities. Among the more than 500 submissions received each year, 46 finalists are selected to prepare their tapas live in front of the public, jury, and media, making it the biggest live culinary spectacle in the country. The World Tapas Championship takes place immediately after the national competition, where chefs from countries all over the world compete, in addition to the reigning Spanish champion.

Bars and restaurants in Valladolid fully embrace this celebration of tapas culture, offering residents and visitors the opportunity to taste all the finalist tapas. This tradition extends to the Provincial Pinchos Competition, which takes place in June and brings the highest quality tapas back to the city's bars. Another notable gastronomic event in Valladolid is the Feria de Día, which brings good food to the streets during the Fair and Festivities of the Virgen de San Lorenzo.

Wine plays a prominent role in a region where eight wine designations come together, including five Designations of Origin (Rueda, Ribera del Duero, Cigales, Toro, and León), and three Protected Designations of Origin (Abadía de Retuerta, Heredad de Urueña, and Vizar), as well as a Protected Geographical Indication (Wines of the Land of Castilla y León). The Plaza Mayor del Vino event, held in May, gathers a diverse representation of wineries in the city's main square. The event offers the public samples of the finest wines from the region, guided tastings, visits to Wine Routes, and other activities to enjoy a complete wine experience.

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