Valladolid's nightlife

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Valladolid's nightlife offers a wide variety of atmospheres for all ages and tastes, encouraging you to be a part of the city's vibrant pulse. The close proximity of the main nightlife areas in the historic center allows you to enjoy different atmospheres and extend your tapas experience with music bars until the early hours of the morning. It's not uncommon for a long night in Valladolid to begin with a good dinner at a restaurant or with wines and tapas in the surroundings of Plaza Mayor, the San Martín area, or San Miguel.

The university atmosphere is usually concentrated in the Paraíso area, La Antigua, and the University Square, adjacent to two of the city's most alternative areas: Cantarranas Square and the streets surrounding the Cathedral. Next to the cathedral, in a 19th-century shopping arcade called Pasaje Gutiérrez, you'll find numerous bars with a relaxed and welcoming ambiance that often attract groups of people from the afternoon onwards.

Establishments catering to all types of audiences, playing pop, pop-rock, and commercial music, create a lively atmosphere in the neighboring areas of San Miguel, Poniente Square, and Martí y Monsó Square, known among Valladolid locals as 'Coca Square' due to the name of some now-defunct cinemas.

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