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Lugares - monumentos - Las francesas

Convent of Santa Cruz de las Comendadoras de Santiago

It is known as "Las francesas"

Founded by María Zúñiga and María de Fonseca in 1487. It was active until the Ecclesiastical Confiscations of Mendizábal. In 1886 it was occupied by the French Dominican Sisters of the Holy Rosary that is why it is known as "Las francesas". The church, renovated and completed in 1732, has balconies in its walls, a long choir at the entrance and vaults with complex geometrical plasterwork. The entrance is typical of the Classicist Baroque. Of the old construction, the cloister -completed in 1537 according to the project of Fernando de Entrambasaguas- still survives. It has four sides and three floors with segmental arches, gabling in the parapet and geometrical and gothic-mudejar decoration. It is called "Patio de las Tabas" because the floor combines pebbles and lamb bones (tabas) that result in floral patterns.

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Calle Santiago, 20.


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