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Lugares - Museos - Real Colegio de San Albano

The Royal English College

The Royal English College, Valladolid, under the patronage of St Alban, was founded in 1590 during the protestant reformation for the training of Catholic priests for the English and Welsh Mission, by Robert Persons, under the protection of the King Felipe II. The church, which was extended between 1672 and 1679 by Pedro Matos and Pedro Vivanco, is considered one of the best examples of Baroque in Valladolid. The "Galería de los Mártires" (Martyrs Gallery) exhibits the portraits of the alumni of the College who gave their lives as martyrs for the Catholic Faith during the Protestant Reformation in England and Wales. It has three library housing a total of 10,000 books.

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Calle Don Sancho, 22


983 29 31 02


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