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Lugares - monumentos - Mercado del Val

Val marketplace

Inspired in "Les Halles" of Paris

Built in the years 1878-1892, the Mercado del Val (or Val Marketplace) remains the only surviving representation in the city of this type of nineteenth century constructions inspired in "Les Halles" of Paris.

It is the only one that remains of the three markets projected in 1878 by the Mayor Miguel Iscar. The other two were the Campillo and Portugalete markets. Its longitudinal plan measures 112 metres in length, and constitutes a splendid example of industrial cast-iron architecture.

In 1900, the original glass cupola was removed. In 1984 and, recently, in 2016 the market underwent restoration works resulting in the building as we know it today.

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Calle Sandoval, 2.

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