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Lugares - monumentos - Casa de Cervantes

House of Cervantes and Museum

The only house of Cervantes that remains in Spain

During the presence of the Court of Felipe III in Valladolid (1601-1606), the writer Miguel de Cervantes rented the main floor of one of the dwellings comprising the overall group of buildings, typical of the noble architecture of the moment.

His period of residence here coincided with the publication of the first part of his novel El Quixote, and it was here that he wrote his exemplary novels El Casamiento Engañoso, El Coloquio de los Perros and El Licenciado Vidriera. In the 20th century, the rooms of the house were recovered thanks to the Marquis de la Vega-Inclán. They had furniture and artistic objects typical of a stately 17th-century residence.

The romantic garden has a Renaissance fountain brought from the Palacio de la Ribera. Now State property, it houses the Cervantes House-Museum and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts "Purísima Concepción" since 1948.

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