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10 imprescindibles - Museo de la Ciencia

Science Museum

The Valladolid Science Museum, the only science museum in Castilla y León, is a safe bet for a day out with the family. The center hosts exhibitions, with a multitude of elements and interactive games, on fascinating topics such as meteorites, dinosaurs, and neurology. Some exhibitions are as close to everyday life as water, energy, and the chemistry that surrounds us.

Have you ever turned an Archimedes screw? What better way to learn about waves than to generate them? Could you reconstruct a skull? And can you build a bridge that can support your weight? These are some of the challenges that the Science Museum proposes.

Both children and adults will also enjoy the historic pieces it treasures, such as a Cray 1-s/2000 supercomputer (one of the 20 units exhibited worldwide) or the first Renault 4CV produced by the Valladolid factory FASA, the only car declared a Cultural Heritage in Spain.

The center also features an observatory of the neighboring islets of 'El Palero', from where you can observe their flora and fauna in real-time, and the 'La Casa del Río' center for the interpretation of river life, filled with aquariums. Its modern Planetarium, equipped with the latest LED technology, allows for stunning 360º projections.

As attractive as its museum offerings is its architectural design, a harmonious example of industrial heritage restoration. It is built on the site of the former 'El Palero' flour mill, incorporating parts of its original structure. Conceived as a complex in harmony with its surroundings, especially with the Pisuerga River, its rusted copper and glass facade faces the river, crossed by a futuristic and lightweight footbridge. On the other hand, the exterior facing Avenida de Salamanca is arranged around squares and open spaces. The brick facades belong to the old flour mill.

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